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Deep in my hard drives (and on the internet), there are projects I never (officially) published... Because they sucked, that's why. ;) Or they were never meant to be released in the first place.

But, I decided to "publish" some of my projects anyways, because I hate you like that. Publish in quotation marks, because all of this is unfinished. That's not very motivating.

This is where I will store my fanfictions and games. Not everything is old, surprisingly enough. Some of the projects were specifically created just for you to consume on this website.

All projects come with a seal of quality. This means they:

  • have halfway good grammar (punctuation not included)
  • have questionable storylines
  • are of low quality.
  • Games

    Ace Attorney: Hotel Mystery

    "Ancient" Ace Attorney fan game. Help Phoenix Wright solve the many mysteries revolving around an infamous hotel. However, due to various demoralizing events, Wright starts to doubt his skills as a lawyer. Will he be able to solve all mysteries? Or will he quit? That is up to you to decide. Assuming you care, of course.

    Writings / Fanfiction

    Woop-de Doo (WIP)

    Inspired by a drawing I saw one day. Not finished. What is the point of having this up, then? Humor.
    Currently, it's 925 words long.

    Nameless Fan Comic

    Featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Will it ever receive a name? Updates irregularily.