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Pain - The Site You Don't Wanna Know About


A collection of projects from the mesozoic period.
There's not much else to say, as they speak for themselves.



Idiot attorney tries to solve the many mysteries revolving around a hotel. However, due to various demoralizing events, Wright starts to doubt his skills as a lawyer. Will he be able to solve all mysteries? Or will he quit? That is up to you to decide. Probably.
Playable in browser.


Help Harold and Andy defeat the Pope. Not particularly interesting.
Default graphix. Download only (but that might change someday). 0.8 gigabytes.

Writings (according to the Oxford Dictionary)


Inspired by a drawing I saw one day. Not done.

Original Work

Story of a girl eating a banana for lunch.
The link is a synopsis, I think. Not done.

Other Things


It is illegal for Santa to kill you.
Last updated: 03/16/2023