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Deep in my hard drive (and on the internet), there are projects I never officialy published... Because they sucked, that's why. ;) Or they were never meant to be released in the first place. Cue RPG Maker music.

But, I decided to "publish" some of my projects anyways, because I am a nice person like that.

This is where I will store my fanfictions, games, etc. Not everything is old, surprisingly enough. Some of the projects were specifically created for you to consume on this website.


Ace Attorney: Hotel Mystery

Old Ace Attorney fan game. Help Phoenix Wright solve the many mysteries revolving around a famous hotel. However, due to various demoralizing events, Wright starts to doubt his skills as a lawyer. Will he be able to solve all mysteries? Or will he quit? That is up to you to decide. Assuming you care, of course.


Woop-de Doo (WIP)

Inspired by a drawing I saw one day.

Not finished. You can still read, however.