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Skaters hate rain. I laugh at their suffering! Except when they cry. Then I cry, too. About MUGEN Roblox scalie rant garbage Weirdo!!! Projects Exactly

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Skaters hate rain. I laugh at their suffering! Except when they cry. Then I cry, too. About MUGENRobloxscalierantgarbageWeirdo!!! ProjectsExactly

The Main Hub


Nothing! Really. We have to see if I can think of something the next days. Probably not...


Numerous sidebar changes, such as it being collapsible. I also darkened the background!
Oh no.


Ok, so, get this. The first part of Turnabout Service is available to play. Oh my gods. It's kind of unpolished, but can I really conceal a technically finished part from an audience? Yes. Yes, I can. But I don't.


More photos. How nice. Also, a sketch. That's not how physics work, but I can't fix it right now.


Photos of my belongings! Not all of them are there, but there you go.


Sidebars for minor pages added! For some reason the picture previews for the ROBLOX reviews have the images off-center, but it looks perfectly fine for me. If the pictures are off-center on your monitor, then I can try and see if I can find a solution. Probably not...

07/09/2021 (again)

Sidebars. Poorly made sidebars, yes, and not fit for mobile, yes, but they're there.


Photos taken. Now, all that's left to do is transfer them to the slightly productive PC.

The Latest, Hottest Diary(?) Entry


Is your patellar reflex working correctly? What is a square root? Do you enjoy dragons? When did the Dutch smuggle a large amount of butter? August 1st, 1963, also called the Night of the Butter. Why can't I remember the date for the french revolution? Well, butter smuggling sounds pretty hardcore. Why, Ludwig, why?

प्लीज हेल्प. इ ी ऍम बीइंग अब्दुस्तेद बी फ्लैंडरे. शी है क्रिसमस जीसस लाइट्स एंड इस आउट फॉर ब्लडी डायरिया. शी इस इन थे स्कारलेट डेविल मेन्शन वेटिंग फॉर ानोथेर विक्टिम. शी है आलरेडी मुरदरेड़ थे मिस्त्रुस, एटलीस्ट ी थिंक सो, एंड सकुल्या इस बीइंग ास्सास्सिनेटेड बी ओने ऑफ़ फ्लैंडरे'स क्लोन्स. प्लीज गेट में आउट ऑफ़ तेरे एंड मेक हेर जो तो बीएड। थे फूकिंग गर्ल इस गोइंग साइको मैंटिस ों उस अस वे स्पीक, सो प्लीज हुर्री थे फ़क उप एंड स्मोक हेर विथ रऐसें' जॉइंट। साइंड, चिरनो

This is not trademarked but it's still capitalized anyways