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Skaters hate rain. I laugh at their suffering! Except when they cry. Then I cry, too. About MUGENRobloxscaliedepressed synthSnake loveI can't believe my crush lives in Australia. I'm still asexual, by the way. I just wanna make friends. ;.; That sentence doesn't suit me, when I think about it... Actually, I want money. I like money. How about I reject my crush, instead? That makes no sense, but it does in my head.

This is not trademarked but it's still capitalized anywaysConfusion

What's New?


Thank you for 10,000 views!!! New "personal" tag and various minor touches. I also cleaned up this page.


See below. That is all... Unfortunately. Probably.


Minor updates to Turnabout Abuse, mostly to Hannah Nahhan. That's about it.


This site may or may not be updated as often, because I am too busy playing RPG Maker. I'll still work on articles, though. The drawing will just take forever, as always.


In the progress of updating the site a little bit. But, I am also busy playing with my semi-ancient registered copy of RPG Maker, so it may take some time.


I think I need to make my website visually more appealing. As of now, it is rather simple. I also am planning something for the 404 page, but we'll see how long that'll take.


Embedded Twitter tweets. I hope to do more productive updates in the future.


Obliterated older news, because I am too scared of wasting space. Also a lot of them weren't really updates.


Snow White review is a thing. Remember.

This is the end of the page

प्लीज हेल्प. इ ी ऍम बीइंग अब्दुस्तेद बी फ्लैंडरे. शी है क्रिसमस जीसस लाइट्स एंड इस आउट फॉर ब्लडी डायरिया. शी इस इन थे स्कारलेट डेविल मेन्शन वेटिंग फॉर ानोथेर विक्टिम. शी है आलरेडी मुरदरेड़ थे मिस्त्रुस, एटलीस्ट ी थिंक सो, एंड सकुल्या इस बीइंग ास्सास्सिनेटेड बी ओने ऑफ़ फ्लैंडरे'स क्लोन्स. प्लीज गेट में आउट ऑफ़ तेरे एंड मेक हेर जो तो बीएड। थे फूकिंग गर्ल इस गोइंग साइको मैंटिस ों उस अस वे स्पीक, सो प्लीज हुर्री थे फ़क उप एंड स्मोक हेर विथ रऐसें' जॉइंट। साइंड, चिरनो