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Pain - The Site You Don't Wanna Know About


This is where I store my hilariously miniscule art on this website.
There is also a sketch at the index. It changes from time to time.
Older art pieces below do not accurately represent my drawing skills anymore. Though, is the difference really that big?

General Art

Generic pieces of art.

F: Do I need permission to repost?

A: No, you don't.

F: May I steal your art?
A: Yes. But why would you?

F: May I sell your art for profit?
A: Yes. Except fanart. People won't like you doing that. Please do not use NFTs. Thank.

F: Should I credit you?
A: Optional.

I've ordered the art pieces from oldest to newest, left to right. Click on an image to reveal its full, unaltered size.

VIVITWhat is human beef?Netscape Depressionwhere snoutsleep


Small pixelated pieces of chocolate, sometimes offered in sheets. Bitter.

Guidelines are on the left.

Some of the images below are links to Imgur galleries. Click on one to view all related sprites.

shite ageru


Straight from the vault, not fit for publishing. Still did. Look at your own risk.
They range from unreasonably small to unreasonably big. Quality varies. It could be an eyesore, or it could look decent.

Why Did You? Try harder next time dattebayo animal feetsuck