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My Art

This is where I store my art on this website. Wonderful, isn't it?

There is also a sketch at the index. I'll change it when I have something new to show you, which is whenever I feel like it.

I have too much fun raging at games these days, so there won't be so many pieces. Nevertheless, please enjoy.

General Art

All pictures below have a signature. If you want to share them for any reason, then go ahead! All art in this section is free to steal. You can even sell it for profit! Actually, don't do that. People who own these characters may puncture you! Also, don't use NFT. It hurts the environment. Thank you very much.

Signature "SW" is short for "sweetie". I am your sweetie. I'd appreciate it if you don't claim my art as your own (even if I don't get why you would do that with my art in the 1st place).

I've ordered the artpieces from oldest to newest, left to right. Click on an image to reveal its full, unaltered size.



You do not need to ask for permission to use these sprites. Credit is always appreciated. :)

Some of the images below are links to galleries. Click on one to view all related sprites.

shite ageru