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My Art

This is where I store my art on this website. Wonderful, isn't it.
Nowadys, I also have an ongoing fan comic, with art.
I have been slowly getting better at drawing. The art pieces below do not (accurately, anyway) represent my drawing skills anymore. Neither do the comic sketches. Definitely not those.

General Art

All drawings below have a signature. If you want to steal them for any reason, then go ahead! All art in this section is free to steal. You can even sell them for profit! Actually, don't do that with fanart. People who own these characters may puncture you! Also, don't use NFT. Thank you 'ery much.

I've ordered the art pieces from oldest to newest, left to right. Click on an image to reveal its full, unaltered size.

VIVITWhat is human beef?Netscape Depression


Pixel by pixel. Well, most of it, anyways.

You do not need to ask for permission to use these sprites. How could I do that to you? Credit is always appreciated.

Do not sell any sprites that depict already existing characters from other people. I do not want you to go (more) into debt (than you already are), you know.

Some of the images below are links to Imgur galleries. Click on one to view all related sprites.

shite ageru


The malevolent innocent would call 'em "doodles".
Personally, I think these sketches represent my "skills" better than General Art. Tread carefully nonetheless.

My first 'Lizard'Kawaii HawaiiIt's a furry