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About this website

This is a website. Can you believe it? Probably not.

I am (probably) an autist who also (probably) has ADHD, meaning I am a professional amateur at everything. That is all. I love you!

This is my personal website, where I do cool things.

My Big Brain is very enigmatic (not really). You would probably not understand it, unless you also have Big Brain. Then again, nobody understands brains...

Usually, I won't be talking about life issues on this website, because I, (un)fortunately for you, don't have any. This website's original purpose was to make you uncomfortable, but now it's just my personal domain.

I also make pixel art once in a green moon. Here is an example:

Originally, only the legs and the white part of the skirt was shown, so it looked like a pair of legs doing the hula. Now it looks like a corpse. owo

The sprite sheet is available for you to upload on Twitter use for your projects... Even if I don't really see a use for it.

It's nothing groundbreaking, but for the first real attempt at drawing pixel art, I think it's not too shoddy. What do you think!?

Things I Do

  • """""Drawing"""""
  • Gaming
  • Being
  • Social Media

    Art, stupid things. Not much else.

    The place where all the scalies are

    Games I Like

    The Sims 3: It's open world! I wasn't a fan of The Sims 4's base game worlds, because the neighboorhoods in them were seperate areas. You couldn't be looking at the beach while your Sim is sleeping. Here, you can!!! It lags sometimes, though. Hard. And it's probably not your PC's fault.

    Virtue's Last Reward: Yes. The protagonist is a horny pervert, so beware of 9 million innuendos per dialogue box. On the other hand, the game discusses quantum physics and antimatter, which always brings laughs. People also murder eachother. Why, how wonderful!

    Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone: It's a rhythm game starring your favorite underage pop idol, Hatsune Miku. The difficulty jump between Hard and Extreme tends to be either fairly small, or gigantic. Fun times are to be had.

    Any Touhou game: This game asks if you are worth to be called a gamer. If not, then you are a human failure. Game said that, not me...

    Kingdom Hearts: Cheeeeeeeese.


    F: Are you homosexual?

    A: I am asexual.

    F: Are you a furry/scalie?

    A: Well, I like lizards, but I don't have the desire to go to conventions and such. I also don't have/need a fursona. It really depends on what you think counts as a furry.

    F: Do you use bug spray?

    A: I couldn't do that.

    F: How do you react to being blocked?

    A: Depends on the person. It's always unfortunate, but there's not much you can do except move on, and figure out what you did wrong.

    F: Is this a phase?

    A: Yes.

    F: What do you see on Twitter?

    A: You. Sorry, but I'm always watching you. My internet does not agree with this.

    F: May I please block you?

    A: There is nothing stopping you from doing that. An explanation would be appreciated, but that's of course a lot to ask for.

    F: What do you think of when you see NSFW art?

    A: Nothing. Either that, or I laugh at how ridiculous it is (Even if I understand why).

    F: Is this just an excuse to talk about how special you are?

    A: Yes.

    F: You don't have to tell me every single time you update an article.

    A: This isn't really a question?

    F: I don't like you.

    A: Hey, is this a Q&A or an interrogation?

    F: Do you have depression?

    A: No, I don't think so.

    F: Why write this Q&A here?

    A: I don't know where else.

    F: Haha, Neocities! You didn't get a named entity!

    A: ?

    F: Bye~

    A: Finally!

    Do Not Interact - Disclaimer

    Please do not interact with me if you are a pedophile/zoophile. I simply do not want to be close to a criminal. If I find out, I will block you without delay. Please understand.

    Similarily, I do not tolerate national socialists... Nazis, I mean.

    I do not think very highly of NFT (or bitcoins in general). You probably won't get blocked for following me in that case, but please don't talk about NFT with me.

    Everyone else is welcome. You may spam messages as often as you want. Invade my privacy as hard as you can. Just don't send me NSFW pictures. If I want to laugh, I'd just go watch iCarly or something.