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Skaters hate rain. I laugh at their suffering! Except when they cry. Then I cry, too. About MUGEN Roblox scalie rant garbage Weirdo!!! Projects Exactly Pointless

Pain - The Site You Don't Wanna Know About


I'm not that funny, I try be sassy, and most of all this doesn't rhyme!
That is all. I love you, dear mime!

This is my personal website, where anything and nothing goes. Updates are usually minor.
Chances are, this site won't interest you. You may even dislike me, and that's OK. This entire site is . But, even so, perhaps I can get atleast a mild chuckle out of you.

That's not me, by the way.


December 29th, 2020. That is the date when this site was created. At first, it was ugly. Now, it's just generic.
This site was created so that I could spend my free time being productive. Maybe learn something for the future. As a result, gaming is no longer a major hobby of mine. Although, I don't know if this is that productive.
Having grammar checks daily, we at Hell strive for being able to read. This plan seems to be successful...

...That's an awfully boring history.

Social Media

I do not have many social media accounts. This is because I can't see myself doing something with a TikTok account.
DMs are always open. The DNI disclaimer on this site I also use on my accounts.

The place where all the scalies are

Rad(?) Things

Crossovers: What would Naruto Uzumaki's Magic: The Gathering deck look like?

One Piece: Guilty pleasure.

Writing: I suck at it.

Reading: The Bill of Rights.


Bambi: Bambi's mom is an object.

Bodily Humor: Less ass, more sass.
Most say it the other way around. Because. . .

Comedic Q&A

F: Are you homo?

A: No, I'm sapiens.

F: Sapiens sapiens?

A: I'm ace/aro.
Because those are two different things. Yes.

F: Why not reptilian, or canine?

A: Why aren't you a reptile?

F: Are you a furry/scalie?

A: I don't have a fursona, but I'd say probably. Furries can be very cute. I'm not talking about the criminal ones, mind you.

F: Draw me a lizard.

A: I don't do commissions. I wonder why.

F: Do you like LGBTQ+?

A: I'm ace/aro.

F: Ever played Changed?

A: No, but ROBLOXians have.

F: If you're sapiens, then I am erectus.

A: I do not want to be assassinated.

F: Why don't you say OwO? Isn't that what furries do?

A: That's what canines do. This is why lizards are superior. And, saying OwO every sentence is tiring on a phone.

F: So your fursona would be a lizard?

A: No. It'd be human.

F: Do you like writing fanfics?

A: Let's see. One fanfic cancelled, one put on hold, and one updazed infrequently.
I'd like to try writing original works for now. Fanfics are not first priority anymore. No offense to any writers out there, by the way!

F: What is your least favorite religion?

A: Why are you asking me this?

F: Education?

A: Have you ever asked yourself, why is Pi×r×r the formula for the circle area?

F: How good are you at HTML?

A: I suck.

F: I bet you spend most of your free time listening to VGM!!

A: I don't. After all, I can recite most VGM I listen to from start to finish. ;)

F: Do you like to brag?

A: I usually don't like doing it. Not this time.

F: Is this site SFW?

A: No porn or vore. Chances of this changing are unlikely, but NSFW content will be marked as such if that does happen. Mild NSFW warnings may occur (suggestive poses), but they will also be marked, so you can be relieved.

F: May I send you nice pictures?

A: Please do this only in your dreams.

F: Do you roleplay?

A: No, that's what my drawing skills are for... I think.

F: Do you use bug spray?

A: Do you use aerosol?

F: What is your drawing equipment?

A: My hands.

F: How much free time do you have?

A: Enough to work on this website everyday, apparently. Work days included...

F: What do you understand under "beauty?"

A: I'm ace/aro.

F: Are you a Disney fan?

A: The films are mediocre for the most part, with few exceptions.

F: Isn't Disney childish?

A: When I see Mickey Mouse, I don't see a mouse. I see a poorly written character with zero personality.
Therefore, I am legally allowed to...?

F: How do you react to being blocked?

A: It depends. A Pedo-/Hebe-/Zoophile blocks me? Well, I don't really care. No, this is not an insult to you, viewer. I'm not calling you one. Unless, well, you happen to be one.

F: What do you see on Twitter?

A: You. Sorry, but I'm always watching you. My internet does not agree with this.

F: May I please block you?

A: There is nothing stopping you from doing that.

F: What do you think of when you see NSFW art?

A: It ranges from realistic to torture porn. I treat it like a normal art piece. There is no "ew" anywhere.

F: Is this just an excuse to talk about how special you are?

A: Yes.

F: You don't have to tell me every single time you update an article.

A: This seems vague.

F: I don't like you.

A: Hey, is this a Q&A or an interrogation?

F: Do you dislike me?

A: Harmony.

F: Do you have depression?

A: No, I don't think so.

F: Why write this Q&A here?

A: Think hard about your IQ!!!

F: Haha, Neocities! You didn't get a named entity!

A: ?

F: Bye~

A: Finally!

Do Not Interact - Usually Ignored Disclaimer

Ø No criminal ___Philes Ø
Please do not interact with me if you are a pedophile/zoophile!
I simply don't want to be near someone who has traumatized someone to satisfy themselves. I probably can't change how your brain works, but please try to resist your fetishes. If I find out you have committed pedo/zoophilia, I will block you without delay. Please understand!

Ø No discriminating parties (nazis, etc.) Ø
Similarily, I don't really want to be near a nazi. Or racists. Or homophobes. A block will also be warranted.

! Note about NFT !
You won't get blocked for following me if you support NFT, but please don't preach about it. Thank you.

Everyone else is welcome. You may spam messages as often as you want. Invade my privacy as hard as you can. Just don't send me NSFW pictures. If I wanted to laugh, I'd just go watch iCarly or something.