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Google Translated RPG Maker Game

Help seemingly silent protagonist Harold and Andy prevent the Pope from retrieving the six (technically eight) legendary crystals in order to stop another great war from happening. It's technically a sequel.
94 maps. Not from 2022. Currently only on MediaFire, but that seems sus, so I'm thinking about MEGA links. Play at your own risk.

Latest Build

The current version is CHAP2_DEMO1_V2. Changelog above. Playtime: 3 1/2 hours without skipping.

Mediafire link

Older Builds

Incase you ever wanted to punch your computer. Rage alert.

Original Prototype


List of kewl things I found while looking at the prototype again. CHAP2_DEMO1_V2 fixed the issues here.

  • If you go down the stairs and enter the cave in "Raul", a slow text cutscene happens. Once you are teleported to the cave, go to the exit right behind you. You are now back in the area you entered the cave from. Enter the cave again. The text cutscene shows up again.
  • If you go to the first palace and head to the entrance, a text box will appear; it's Andy speaking!
    The thing is, you can enter the palace from the world map before Andy joins the party. This message appears regardless whether he's there or not. You cannot go inside the palace until Andy joins, however.
    This one is fixed in CHAP2_DEMO1_V2. There, fire blocks your path to the palace until you do something special.