Not out yet. This is merely so I don't forget what changed.

-Polished the Lut Cave/Lut Dungeon aka made it slightly less stupid
-You can't leave the king's house in Raul once you have talked to him


It's just bugfixes. Very important bugfixes, at that.

-Fixed fatal bug where Harold couldn't use any skillz
-Fixed fatal(?) bug where you could enter Ruth Cave before having Andy join your party
-Fixed the "Andy in Parapa" bug down below
-Fixed the "Raul Cave" bug down below
-Cleaned up the fairy encounter in the Market Cave; it was a buggy mess


Between this and the prototype, some time passed. Doesn't look much different from the Prototype, but...

-Chapter 2 beginnings
-New skill system
-Additional NPCs
-Andy has new skillz
-New music
-New items
-Slightly stronger enemies
-A mysterious mansion
-Too many other changes to count, but it only starts being noticeable once you're near Ruth/Lut/whatever Village


Original release. Very barebones, contains the entirety of Chapter 1. Not recommended.

-You learn skills by leveling instead of buying licenses
-No optional places
-Maximum frustration