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YGO: Modern Academia! - Review

Once upon a time, there was a ROBLOX game called "YGO: Dimension Duels". It was a manual Yu-Gi-Oh! card simulator, and was quite popular. Understandable, as it was pretty much the best Yu-Gi-Oh game on the platform. The creator eventually took down the game in fear of it being taken down due to fear of being taken down by Konami... However, it seems the creator is now working on a sequel to Dimension Duels... "YGO: Dimension Duels X". Apparently, they were too afraid of possible consequences, but now realized that they greatly overestimated those consequences. Atleast, I think that's what they said. They didn't make a public announcement, just a post on a group wall. Have fun finding that post.

Now, you're probably asking, "What does this info dump have to do with Modern Academia?" Well, it is my belief that this game was inspired by Dimension Duels... Nevertheless does Modern Academia have a few problems, which I will discuss below. Now, go ahead. Read.

Sidenote: This review is old (though this game hasn't been updated once since August 2020, before I wrote this, so it's not that outdated).

When you play this game for the first time, the game will ask you to choose 2 structure decks; these structure decks are pretty much just the official structure decks, except with a few different cards. After you choose your first two structure decks, you have to buy the rest with ROBUX... though, I don't really see the point of it. More info below.

After choosing your two decks, you find yourself on Duel Academy of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fame... minus the volcano. The map itself is not too bad, however there are place that lead you to outside the boundaries. The Duel Academy building itself is explorable, and has a few places to duel in. There are card shops everywhere on the island, however the only shops worth visiting are the ones inside the Duel Academy.

One cool thing about this game is that just about all TCG cards pre-Phantom Rage are in this game, while the original Dimension Duels didn't have them all. Admittedly, quite a few of them are Normal Monsters like Dancing Elf, but I like to collect garbage. This, however, makes buying Structure Decks with ROBUX not really necessary; you can just look up a card list of an official Structure Deck and buy the necessary cards with the in-game currency, Diamonds. If you then wish to modify them, you can just buy cards you want to enhance the deck with in the card shop... Also, this might be inaccurate, as I haven't actually bought any Structure Decks, but judging from the two Structure Decks I picked at the start of the game, none of them have any exclusive cards not found elsewhere in the game. All this makes me quite reluctant in buying some decks... I'd rather just stick with card lists, instead (Though I am somewhat glad about the exclusive cards part).

On the right of your screen are five icons you can click on, kind of like in Dimension Duels. They are, from top to bottom:

  • Clan
  • Duel
  • Deck
  • Sound
  • Robux Shop

    Clans are interesting; in order to join a clan, you must join the respective ROBLOX group. Creating a clan yourself requires you to pay 100 ROBUX, and that you are the owner of your clan's ROBLOX group. Obviously, you can only be in 1 clan at a time. Being in a clan doesn't really give you any rewards, aside from extra diamonds everyday and potentially bragging rights.

    Dimension Duels I believe also had this feature, though I don't remember if that game told you about clans. I am not really interested in them though, so let's move on.

    Clicking on Duel gives you this popup. You can change the settings of the duel here, like what cards are allowed and what type of duel it should be. What's very sad is that there is currently no Traditional Format in this game, meaning the banned cards in this game, like Pot of Greed, are essentially worthless. Perhaps it's not that sad to you, but I like playing with banned cards... It makes me look like a loser.

    The Duel Interface is unintuitive. It even has to constantly remind you about certain obscene actions. If the game didn't tell you about them, then chances are it'd take quite some time for you to find them.

    Now, moving on... This is only a minor problem, but before you can start a duel, you have to make sure that there no obstacles that'd obstruct the field. This isn't really that bad, but sometimes the game tells me that there are obstacles, when in reality, there is absolutely nothing blocking the field. The only real solution to this is to start a duel while in the air... or while underwater.

    One interesting thing about Dimension Duels is that you could duel anywhere you wanted; you could face a wall and still be able to begin a duel (though nobody would join the duel). I am not saying Modern Academia should remove the limit, though. There isn't really much point in dueling a wall, anyways.

    Incase you couldn't tell from the poor quality of this picture (and deck, please forgive me), you do, infact, have a Side Deck in this game... however, it is limited. The worst thing about Sidedecking in this game is that you cannot add cards from your Side Deck to your Main/Extra Deck. You can swap cards, but that's it really. Perhaps it is more common for people to swap cards, but that is not an excuse to not be able to just add cards from the Side Deck without sending one from the Main/Extra Deck into the Side Deck...

    Also, this is just a mild annoyance, but when you click on the Side Deck icon during a duel, your entire field, Deck, and Graveyard resets as if nothing happened... Admittedly, it is rather unlikely that someone accidentally clicks on it (It's hidden behind a menu), but a curious newcomer should probably be warned about that...!

    This is the trunk. You can add cards to your deck from here, choose the deck you want to duel with aswell as the sleeve. Unlike in Dimension Duels, you get all sleeves from the get-go, no in-game currency required. Unfortunately, there is a low amount of sleeves to pick from. You can't see the sleeves in this screenshot, but they're there.

    What I have to tell you is that you can access Deck slots here; however you only start out with a small amount of slots. In order to get more slots, you need to pay using either Diamonds... or ROBUX. In Dimension Duels, all slots were free, no currency needed. What's especially annoying about this is that as you buy more slots, the price for them in Diamonds goes up, and up, and up... Until it's no longer worth it and you buy it with ROBUX instead. How putrid. Might just abuse the system with a Notepad, then.

    The layout is similar to that of Dimension Duels. Other than that, there's nothing notable about it.

    When clicking on Sound, this is the popup you are greeted with. The most interesting thing about this is the Playlist option: While in the game, music plays, and you can change what kind of music plays. The available playlists are:

  • Default
  • Yugioh
  • Anime

    You cannot choose a specific track to play. Some tracks (most notably in the Yugioh playlist) are of lower quality than others. What is unfortunate is that, unlike in Dimension Duels, there is no duel music; it just continues playing the playlist you selected.

    Clicking on Robux Shop shows you the "Premium Shop", where you can buy things with ROBUX. Stuff like Diamonds and Structure Decks are sold here... and a gravity coil. Incase you don't know, a gravity coil is an item you can use to jump extra high... Why exactly this is in a Yu-Gi-Oh! game beats me, but I guess teasing people by dueling high up in the air is a cool thing to do.
    As said, there is little point in getting these decks. The decklists are technically availble on the internet, anyways.

    YGO: Modern Academia! is essentially a watered down version of Dimension Duels. Many things Modern Academia does, Dimension Duels simply did better. Infact, at times it feels like Modern Academia was meant to be a replacement for Dimension Duels, as that was taken down by the creator themselves.

    At the time I'm writing this, the creator of Dimension Duels is working on the sequel, Dimension Duels X. Once that gets released, Modern Academia will most likely see a drop in players. The reason people play Modern Academia is because it is currently the best Yu-Gi-Oh! game on the platform; that will most likely change once DDX comes out.

    Something similar to what I just described happened I believe to another Yu-Gi-Oh! game: Yu-Gi-Oh - Duelist World. For a small while, it was the most popular Yu-Gi-Oh! game on the platform, however, once Modern Academia started getting traction, Duelist World dropped in players, and is rarely played these days. Probably rightly so, since Exodia is forbidden in that game. Sorry.

    I believe Modern Academia will die once Dimension Duels X gets released. Unless Modern Academia can fix its faults, it is doomed to be abandoned by the players.

    UPDATE 04/06/2021: My prediction was half-wrong, half-right. Modern Academia still sees some play, but compared to before, it isn't as big. It also hasn't received an update since August 2020... DDX is played by more people these days.

    Pro Con
    +GUI is pleasant to look at -Pointless Structure Decks
    +All TCG cards available -Limited Sidedecking
    -Difficult to use Duel GUI
    -No Traditional Format
    -Copies Dimension Duels in some points
    -Slot prices are outrageous after buying some

    Score: 5/10

    - Mediocre -