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Woop-de Doo (WIP)

This is a story about patience. A story about... Burger King.

It was a cold winter day in a cold winter. Thick snow lay everywhere, and you could see your own breath. Duh.
Our stupid little story begins at around 2 PM, timezone Pizza, in the rather questionable italian city, Italy.

A certain individual had just finished work, and was riding their car home. They were a car engineer, also known as a car nerd (insult halfway intended). Despite this, they were pretty impatient, and had anger issues. This certain individual was a typical male, though a somewhat eccentric one at that. Is he typical at this point? His appearance was impossible to forget, but not at the same time. The most notable thing about him is his skin... It was pitch black. It wasn't just a really dark skin color; it looked like he was burned to a crisp. His eyes and inside of his mouth were a hollow white; he had no pupils, and it looked like he had no tongue, either. He wore a pitch black hat, which, I must say, fits him quite well. It was difficult to see the shape of the hat, but it looked like a pair of demon horns. It was difficult to tell if he had clothes on. I hope so. Honestly, he'd fit perfectly in Pokémon Creepy Black.

All in all, this male was a rather intimidating person. It looked almost as if he were a silhouette, a shadow... Because, you see, that's pretty much what he was. He's flippin' transparent. I'll tell you a secret. This scary male...

He's an effing ghost!!! What a plot twist.

Well, that's kind of debatable... He is generally called a ghost, but the thing is, people can see him... To tell you the truth, nobody knows what he is. He might be a ghost, he might be a zombie, he might even be a lizard man. I'd prefer if he was the latter, but even he himself doesn't know for sure... But, most people have accepted his appearance and moved on with their lives, so he doesn't really think about it.

Anyways, as I was saying, he was riding his car home. His car wasn't a Ferrari, Lambourghini, Gucci or a Rolex; just a Chevrolet. Wait, isn't that American? Well, I think they exist in Italy, too. He himself was pretty poor, so he'd often eat at fast food chains, believing the myth that it's cheap. The poor dude... Well, to be fair, it is pretty delicious, so maybe that's why he buys it so often.

So, during his ride home, the ghost suddenly had a craving for burgers. He unfortunately had to skip lunch because his boss is a criminal mastermind, so he's a bit hungry. Understandable, really. He looked at his stomach. Wait, aren't you driving? His stomach was tingling all over. He then took a glance at the window next to him... And that was when he saw it. His pillar of hope... The thing that stops him from ending it all... Even though he's, you know, a ghost.

Burger King... Hallelujah!

The ghost was drooling from his mouth. He always liked Burger King; the world-famous McDonald's couldn't keep up with it, atleast not in terms of taste, he thought. His favourite meal was, naturally, the legendary Whopper, America's Favorite Burger (they have bad taste). It had fiber, and that's always great. Metabolism should always be maintained. You shouldn't eat too many Whoppers, though. You'll just get fat... Unless you have amazing metabolism. Can ghosts even get fat, though?

It was decided: He would eat at Burger King. He parked his car in the parking lot, unaware that drive-thrus exist. The ghost was conveniently an expert at driving of course, so he had no problems parking. He got out of the car and ran to the entrance, ready to be sent to Burger Heaven. Very satisfying.

As he stepped inside the building, the scent of burgers entered his "nose"; He could practically feel it strangling him. The ghost had already been brainwashed, and he was roaring for some self-satisfaction. He slowly made his way to the cashier...

It was time. He was at the cashier's desk. He was ready to order his favorite meal. What he wasn't ready for, was the cashier themselves... They were not your ordinary human, or lizard man, or even sergal. What were they, then? It was an amazing sight... Born in the 2000s... The iconic Wooper! You know, the Pokémon. From Pokémon.

This was morally alright, but a questionable business decision. They had recently hired a bunch of poor (see: money) Woopers, promising a reward for applying and 12$ every hour. This isn't McDonald's we're talking about, so I'm sure it's trustworthy. Anyways, Burger King put way too much effort in training Woopers. They don't have arms, so they can only apply for cashiers. I am not sure if the people are taking this decision lightly.

The Wooper was elegantly dressed. Imagine a Burger King cashier, but smol. Our ghost was flabbergasted. His emotions ran wild. This Wooper... was a cutie. (No, let's not go in that direction...)

Our ghost wasn't really sure what to say. He never saw a Wooper as a cashier before. Quite frankly, he'd never even seen a Wooper in person... He mostly stayed in his hometown. Truly, he missed out on some real gems. The Wooper cashier just so happened to be free, so the ghost could wait 5 minutes for a meal as soon as he approached it. Tough love.