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Bad Quotes

I don't know why this page exists.
It's quite embarassing, really!
The quotes do not necessarily reflect my view on things.
Can you figure out which quotes are real?


    "Don't ask questions you aren't prepared to hear the answers to." - Hmmmmmm, 20XX
    "We learn new words, so we can forget about them minutes later." - Patrick, 420 BC
    "Living is the coward's way out." - Santa Claus, 18XX
    "I pay my taxes, work and I always vote." - Sasuke, 2003
    "Nobody cares until you say that no one cares." - Actual Human Being On This Wretched Earth, 2022
    "Tired? Visit hospitals." - Roll, 20XX
    "Math in airplanes makes you high." - Clown, 20XX
    "Don't talk trash about something you don't know anything about." - Person Too Scared To Say Shit, 20XX
    "Bold of you to assume you matter." - Person who Matters?, 2022
    "Excitement and invigoration are offered to all men." - Miku Hatsune, 2010