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Dis(s)ney Movie Reviews but they're very short

Reviews. An art I took an interest in at one point. Not anymore.
So, I just wrote one comment or two.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these movies, please consider buying second hand copies. Or doing the unthinkable.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Mixture of gags and story.
Everytime the story progresses, you get the urge to yell hooray and punch the air.
Also, Snow White is apparently 14.

A product of its time.
Tragic. Comedic. Florida.
Eat your hearts out, Goku and Vegeta. This fusion is unlike any other.


Make Mine Music
7 whole minutes of the movie were removed back when it was released in the US on DVD.
Though, I doubt they would've made the movie any better.

Metro Goldwyn Meyer called. They want their cats and mice back.

Beauty and the Beast
He should've stayed a beast, really.

Chicken Little
Yes, well, this is certainly a movie.

To be continued.