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Pain: The Site You Don't Wanna Know About


Witcher 3 vs. Kirby

People taste. Everyone has a different taste from eachother. Thus, hot take.

...OK, so, ask yours and mine selves this very question.
Why do people consume Pokémon? Sounds awkward, but I assure you, I mean something else.
I dunno man, maybe they like animals or somethin'. Or maybe... it's the meta!?
Ooooh, youse tellin' me adults play ROBLOX?

DANG! That's hardcore!

Maybe it's nostalgia? Or maybe, it's Gen Z being pesky again? Are you getting old?
Or maybe it's because they grew up with this kind of stuff. I'm sure you lived in a time where goblins were hip. Do you see goblins on Twitter nowadays? If you actively look for 'em, maybe.
Nowadays, it's, uh, something.

(The link to this article has been removed. Temporarily. WIP)