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Pain - The Site You Don't Wanna Know About


This is my personal website, where anything and nothing goes.
It's pretty simple. You'll see lots of text with the occasional image.
Chances are, this site won't interest you. You may dislike or even loathe me, and that's OK. This entire site is . But even so, I hope to waste your time well.

Updates are infrequent.
This site occassionally discusses potentially questionable topics.
Suggestive images may be present. NSFW content (text, etc.) will be marked as such.


December 29th, 2020. That is the date when this site was created. At first, it was ugly. Now, it's just generic.
Why was this site created? Its primary purpose is to store, share and work on my stuff that I have created over the years.

It has now been officially THREE years since it has been created. With 100,000 views and counting.
I hope to keep entertaining you with my things, now, and in the future.

...That's an awfully boring history.

Social Media

I only have a few social media accounts. This is because I can't see myself doing something with a TikTok account.


Temporary Tumblr Link


Showering: It's fun.

TV shows: 97% of them suck. But that's okay, because 99% of them are fun.(1)

Writing: I suck at it.

Liquorice: It's made out of wood.


Bambi: Bambi's mom is an object.

Bodily Humor: Less ass, more sass.
Most say it the other way around. Because. . .

Rap: I don't remember.

Long Q&A

F: Are you homo?

A: No, I'm sapiens.

F: Sapiens sapiens?

A: Yes.

F: If you're sapiens, then I am erectus.

A: I do not want to be assassinated.

F: What are the best YouTubers in your opinion?

A: I don't watch YouTube often these days.

F: Do your characters copulate?

A: Wake up and smell the ashes.

F: Are your DMs open?

A: Please spam.

F: Do you have Discord?

A: Technically yes, but don't ask me when was the last time I used it. It's a partial regret.

F: Do you use bug spray?

A: Do you use aerosol?

F: What is your drawing equipment?

A: My hands.

F: How much free time do you have?

A: Enough.

F: Are you a Disney fan?

A: When I look at Mickey Mouse, I don't see a mouse. I see a rat.

F: What do you see on Twitter?

A: Nothing, because I barely use it anymore...

F: Do you think you're funny?

A: Those who think they're funny tend to be not funny.
I just made that up on a whim, though. Maybe it's a false statement?

F: May I please block you?

A: There is nothing stopping you from doing that.

F: Is this just an excuse to talk about how special you are?

A: You are much more special.

F: Haha, Neocities! You didn't get a named entity!

A: ?

F: Bye~

A: Finally!

Do Not Interact - Generally Ignored Disclaimer

Ø No pedo/zoophiles Ø
Please do not interact.
It makes me uncomfortable. Please respect this.

Ø No discriminating (racism, etc.) Ø
That's suspicious behavior.

Everyone else is probably welcome. You may spam messages as often as you want. Invade my privacy as hard as you can. Just don't send me NSFW pictures. Thank.

(1) I think this is a quote from someone.