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Classic Sonic Simulator / Classic Sonic Online - Review

2D Classic Sonic in ROBLOX... "Are you sure that's possible?" you may ask... Well, according to this game, it definitely is, and possibly even more.

Classic Sonic Simulator is exactly what the name suggests: A simulator of the classic 2D Sonic games. You know, the "only good ones." Except for maybe Sonic 1. I believe this game is meant to be a hangout game; you can chat with your friends in House Zone (don't ask), or do a race with them in the famous Green Hill Zone... There are many more features, but I will discuss them down below. Do you have the ability to read? Then I recommend you read.

Sidenote: This review was written for Version 9. Version 10 is currently in development. I think.

When starting up the game, you go straight to the main menu. You can select the zone and act you want to play and which character you want to play as. Some zones, like House Zone, are meant for hangouts, while others like Green Hill Zone (Act 1) are fully playable. Unfortunately, a lot of the zones available are still a work in progress; most notably Mushroom Hill Zone, which you could also call the Matrix Zone.

There is a somewhat large selection of characters to choose from. Most notably, Dr. Robotnik is playable. Most characters have their own unique abilities exclusive to them... a few share some abilities, however, I'm guessing for lore reasons.

Shadow the Edgelord is also playable, but he is a simple clone of S3Sonic at the moment. S1Sonic shown in this screenshot is actually CD Sonic; he uses the sound effects from that game and even has the Super-Peel Out (though his spindash is the same as in Sonic 2).

You may have noticed already, but there in fact a built in level editor in this game!!

WIP (review on hiatus)