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She Ate A Banana (serial)

Snuck past mommy on Sunday, surfing until midnight. All the fancy LED lights were off. Only the laptop remained. A recipe for disaster, perhaps, but who really listens to their parents?
The outcome was predictable.

She overslept!! The alarm ringtone rang once. Twice. Maybe even to the power of 10?
It didn't help, as expected. She didn't have an annoying sibling to wake her up, either.
Mom had a day off this Monday. It would be off to a bad start.

Her sweet little daughter woke up in the worst way possible. Mommy had spilled liquid over her head.
The old hag wasn't interested in wasting any time. Tired, she threw her daughter into the living room. "Now, my dear. You have 10 minutes to get to school on time. Hurry."
Hurry she did. Daughter left home beaming with pride. With her pajamas on. And socks.

It is now 8:51 AM.
"Good ol' fresh air," the spring breeze was stronger than ever. "I hate it."
She hurried to school as quickly as possible.

8:53, she crossed some roads. Drivers were too busy waiting for traffic lights to laugh at her pajamas.
She finally reached her desired bus stop. Took a hot minute. It was along a rather unpopulated street.
The bus stop seemed empty aswell from her angle.

It just turned 8:54 AM.

There was an ad for the latest burger: "The Borgar". No one cares.
Reading the bus plan, she was traumatized. Her bus wouldn't come until 8:58 AM. For her, it meant a springly demise.
The nose died. 30 seconds passed. She thought she'd be alone for the """ride""".
Little did she know, there was someone nearby.
He hadn't been noticed yet; the girl was busy dying.
The boy did see her, though. And hear. Mostly the latter. Maybe he should call an ambulance?

She was about to sneeze when this boy decided to hand her some tissues. Looking at the boy, she, uh...
She sneezed in his face. Headshot!!
The pajama-weenie recognized the boy instantly. "How come you are late, Boi?"
"Hotte". This name caused a ruckus in school for some reason. They're probably not foreigners.
Hotte turned around and left the bus stop.
"Where are you going?"
"Away," he said.
"Could you elaborate?"
"Away. From you."
"Funny," our girl pondered, "why would you give me these 100% peanut tissues, then?" "Good deed. Now get out, Mariæ."

Hotte knew our little brat, "Mariæ", wouldn't comply. Just to spite him, he thought.
It had just turned 8:58 AM. Doomsday.
For just this once, their bus was on time.
So, get this, they got on the bus.

Three minutes of silence passed before Mariæ pogged out her only sentence in the bus. "Look, we're in Hell Street!! That's where you go shopping on weekends, right?"
"I prefer Heaven, gal."
At the crossing, right over there, Hell was waiting.
"Humble Alley" would be the final bus stop.

It is now 9:02.

She Hasn't Had A Banana As Breakfast Today

Hotte was running around at the speed of sound to reach class. Mariæ took a walk.
"Don't take too long," Hotte babbled. "or else you're getting a finger--"
She sneezed and got out tissues from her hat.
"...Why didn't you get them out earlier?"
"That was intentional."
Hotte noped out and ran. He didn't bother getting her to class. Such tasks are for her to do and only her.

Time no longer plays a role. She's late, after all.
The schoolyard was noise-free. She was lying on top of the only ping pong table in the yard. Laughing. Animating like these kids who lay in snow and move their arms around in winter.
With her hiding spot, it'd only be a matter of time before she would be arrested by the government discovered.

She saw an open window. Someone was there.

Mariæ was bursting with pride. She was happy to see that adult like this, for the 50th time.
Said adult was the devil. Well, a teacher, actually. Mariæ couldn't escape her, no matter what. Perhaps that's why school is so thrilling to her.

She arrived.

"I've been waiting for you." Mariæ used all her power to stand up and say that straight to her face.

"As usual. Go to class."
Mariæ followed her. Into the funhouse they went.

"Hullo, teacher! Didn't notice you." Mariæ was joking as usual. They were climbing Up D. Stairs.
"It can't go on like this. It's the fifth time you did this."
"I wanted to go for ten."
"If you don't change, we may have to hold a congress."
Detention did not exist in Mariæ's school. This "congress" thing was its replacement of sorts.
Do something exceptionally bad, and a congress will be held for you. Your parents will take part in it. O, the indignity! Three strikes and you're out.
Mariæ managed to evade the congress all this time, because the teacher be kinda soft.
"You're screwed next time," said the teacher. The kid gloves are flippin' GONE!

"...By the way, why are you in pajamas?"
"Because I felt like it."
Teacher had this strange urge...