Not out yet. This is merely so I don't forget what changed.

-Polished the Lut Cave/Lut Dungeon AKA made it less stupid
-You can't leave the king's mansion in Raul once you have talked to him
-Made enemy encounters in Parapa less common
-The witch knows what magic you've learned and won't teach you what you already know (65% done)
-The demo doesn't end after you leave the terrorist town
-New areas to explore (optional and mandatory)
-You can skip the intro at the beginning
-Quests in Chapter 2
-Expanded upon the prologue and made it slightly easier
-Additional lore
-Less mumbo jumbo AKA the translation is slightly less severe, so you can atleast somewhat understand what's going on
-More Market Cave fixes
-Polished some Chapter 1 areas
-Forgot to make the new weapons available to your characters, fixed
-Balancing fixes (mostly skills)
-Minor sprite adjustments


It's just bugfixes. Very important bugfixes, at that.

-Fixed fatal bug where Harold couldn't use any skillz
-Fixed fatal(?) bug where you could enter Ruth Cave before having Andy join your party
-Fixed the "Andy in Parapa" bug down below
-Fixed the "Raul Cave" bug down below
-Cleaned up the fairy encounter in the Market Cave; it was a buggy mess


Between this and the prototype, some time passed. Doesn't look much different from the Prototype, but...

-Chapter 2 beginnings
-New skill system
-Additional NPCs
-Andy has new skillz
-New music
-New items
-Slightly stronger enemies
-A mysterious mansion
-Too many other changes to count, but it only starts being noticeable once you're near Ruth/Lut/whatever Village. Most maps that were in the prototype are also here but have little to no changes to them at this point


Original release, made in 30 days. Very barebones, contains the entirety of a rather unbearable version of Chapter 1. Not recommended.

-You learn skills by leveling instead of buying licenses
-No optional places
-There's a monster every 0.1 steps. Or atleast it feels like that's the case, have fun in the dungeons! -Maximum frustration