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August 2021 - Diary


Is it just me, or does German animation suck?


I'm getting the urge to consume cereal with water. Just to spite 'em all.


I hate flashing lights. What's the point?


Yesterday was a very special day. For a niche group of people.


Ash Ketchum is a pun. Ash "catch 'em". This is Ace Attorney levels of good.
I'll assume this is common knowledge. I never was a huge fan of the Pokémon anime. Maybe I'm just a filthy casual.

I have now watched 61 episodes of One Piece. That dragon was oogly!

Why do half-hour soaps (and MTV) have commercial breaks every 5 seconds? Oh, maybe I should watch online? No, too much effort. I prefer watching TV while working on things.


Oooh, I have the "I-am-addicted-to-insert-show-here-and-end-up-neglecting-my-duties-disease".
Here's to hope it calms down next week. And, whose to say the duties won't be fulfilled?


I have never eaten mac 'n cheese before.