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August 2021 - Diary

09/26/2021 (again)

Perimeters or something.


So you think you're good in PE!? Understandable, really.
School smarts are very yes. But it is also important to be able to make rational and logical decisions. Simon can't do that. I'm disappointed in him. It would be nice if writers addressed this, sometimes. Assuming they are aware of his flaw.
I doubt that...


Do you go to school with a limousine? If yes, brag about it.
I've noticed I have been adding diary entries a bit more frequently these days. Is this a good sign?


I couldn't go to school. I couldn't see my limousine, and it went up, up and away.
Seeing artists better than you should not make you jealous or demotivate you. It should inspire and motivate you to draw more. You say, you will never get as good as that horny guy. You can. Giving up art is not how you do it, however...
I probably am horrible at giving actual advice. It's like depression.


I say, Algebra. You react, how?


I rarely talk about politics or religion. Politics, because I'm always afraid I'll say something stupid, and religion I just never was the biggest fan of.
I guess research is always a good thing. I'm an atheist. . .
And asexual!


You shouldn't force content creators to make what you want them to make. Frogs may be cute, but please resist.
Unless they have commissions open or something. Still, please respect the rules. The almighty frog would be proud of you if you did that.


Is it just me, or does German animation suck?


I'm getting the urge to consume cereal with water. Just to spite 'em all.


I hate flashing lights. What's the point?


Yesterday was a very special day. For a niche group of people.


Ash Ketchum is a pun. Ash "catch 'em". This is Ace Attorney levels of good.
I'll assume this is common knowledge. I never was a huge fan of the Pokémon anime. Maybe I'm just a filthy casual.

I have now watched 61 episodes of One Piece. That dragon was oogly!

Why do half-hour soaps (and MTV) have commercial breaks every 5 seconds? Oh, maybe I should watch online? No, too much effort. I prefer watching TV while working on things.


Oooh, I have the "I-am-addicted-to-insert-show-here-and-end-up-neglecting-my-duties-disease".
Here's to hope it calms down next week. And, whose to say the duties won't be fulfilled?


I have never eaten mac 'n cheese before.