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October 2021 - Diary


ROBLOX is undergoing maintenance. Da ba dee da bu die.
I wanna write an original work! No offense to the Among-Us-Touhou-Yugioh-Crossover-With-Blood-In-It fan comic, but this just seems like a better opportunity to practice writing characters.
I will still update the comic! But it will only be a secondary priority.


The meat is raw.

Yesterday I learned that ¤ is the symbol for an unspecific currency. Did you know that? Of course you did.
Now, go learn how to draw. This is the first request of the day... Or is it an order?


This has been posted before on this site, but does anybody truly read the diary entries from last month? I don't...
It's a long day.


Fun things are fun.


Sometimes I wonder if I will die in my 30s. Metabolism is very Yes, but I don't know if it can handle junk food.
Cardiac arrest would not be very welcome. Neither would be going blind. Carrots help you see in the dark, but...
I always think that the worst will happen. That's what I've done for an eternity. That my friends dies in a car crash, and that the car driver runs into something, killing all inside, or other worst case scenarios. I think I was insanely pessimistic at one point?
Now, though? I don't know. I might just be intentionally pessimistic at this point. Because it always worked out well in the end in the past. Cruel of me. Is this philosophy?


Remember when Nestlé said that water being a human right would be extreme? Let's not.

In general, it seems to be an atrocious company.
These news are pretty old. Why am I talking about this?


Some of the shows I see on TV are so poorly written, sometimes I wonder if the writers are self-aware.
Now, I'm not gonna say I'm a good writer (nor is my humor very good...), but some of these characters are just. Why?

Thumper, for example. He's the filler comic relief character from Bambi. And when I say "filler", I mean that quite literally. He's not in the original book. Thanks, Disney.
Even aside from the fact that he is filler, he fails horribly at his job. Most of his jokes involve bullying Bambi for whatever reason. He does not contribute to the plot in any way. Things that could've led to something, did not.

I should take this to heart. Let's never make another Mr. Lame again, OK?


I am a Sims 3 addict again. Buy it at the price of giving EA money.
Suddenly, I feel bad. Don't use Origin.


So I'm probably way too late on this (or I just forgot??), but, breaking news, recycling is a plot made by the plastic industry to sell more plastic.
Apparently, only 9% of it gets recycled. A lot of the plastic isn't even recycleable...!?
Sometimes I wonder if my search machine is giving me fake news/outdated info. Because news like this are a biggie.
It's been almost a year since those news broke out. Late.
Maybe I am being paranoid over something that's already been changed? Maybe I'm just being naïve!?
That's a nice ï you got there.

I don't talk about politics and such often on this site. It's mostly for entertainment and furry things. Still, sometimes I see things so big and/or ridiculous, I just have to talk. Like throwing e-scooters in rivers. Sorry.