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November 2021 - Diary


I seem to have difficulties calling fiction good.
One Piece? Oh, no no no no no. Do you see that pacing??
But enjoying things is apparently something else. This is how I somehow managed to endure 162 episodes of it.


I haven't watched One Piece in a while, have I? I only watched through 130.
Then I suppose it's time to suffer once more.


Today is the very first time I ever played Monopoly. Is this concerning?
Catan is better. But even then, that one is basically throwing dice for 70 minutes. That, and the starting locations are a problem.
Can you even compare the two?


It is always unfortunate when a cartoon intro is just a clipshow of scenes from various episodes.
Do I watch cartoons in my free time? To be honest, not really.
At most, I watch One Piece reruns. Good for me.


Fries. French fries.
Actually they're Belgian.


It's gonna be released today, right? Pokémon, I mean.
Last one I played was Sword. I overleveled. Unintentionally. The end.


Maybe we should drink oatmilk.


Never buy a product from a company that refuses to say how they treat their animals.
I don't know if this is good advice, but I sure hope it is for once...

11/11/2021 (again)

I seem to be one of those people that loves to chat. People using WhatsApp seem to get annoyed at this quickly...?
I wonder. Maybe turning off notifications helps? No vibration, no light? I mean, I sure don't need to know when exactly someone replies... especially not if they send me the OK emoji. If I want to look, I'd just check on them... Unless I'm missing something.
I probably am missing something. Let's do some research.

This is not advertising... Even if it's hard to resist.


How to feel about this?



11/03/2021 (again!)

You Are A Pirate.
Cooking By The Book.
We Are Number One.
All these originate from Lazytown.
It aired at one point... and I saw it often...
They stopped airing it in a long time unfortunately.
OK, time to go back to being emo again.


Draw, draw, draw. There are a lot of sketches I drew that aren't on this site. Unfortunately, some of them are gone...
I go into ROBLOX (because, there isn't a section for that for no reason after all), enter a game and started drawing. Presto. Here is a recreation.

Abominable. That is supposed to be a mouth.
The more I look at it, the more inappropriate it seems.
Well, that's a pretty big whoops.
I apologize if this picture offends you. If it does, please tell me, and I will remove it.