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May 2021 - Diary


I can't tell if my internet is pineapple pizza garbage or if my mobile device cannot handle Twitter's complex operations. Nevertheless, my phone has the power of a Nokia. I guess this is a good thing.

Yesterday I watched Sleeping Beauty, and it was marvellous. One of the best Disney films I watched so far, though that isn't saying much, considering it competes with Bambi. I do not enjoy that movie very much, outside of visuals and music.

Sleeping Beauty's music is good, which makes sense, considering it is basically a rendition of Tschaikowsky's Sleeping Beauty Ballad. Classical music is catchy. VGM too, but that's irrelevant.

What can I say? I don't eat KFC very often, so everytime I eat it, it's a treat. This entry satisfies me, because I actually wrote a little bit. Good day.


I learned how to math. Then I ate pizza. I see the pattern now...

I took a liking to the Zelda games again. More offline entertainment for me means less suffering from sucky internet provider. But, Twitter...


I learned how to win the star war with a phaser. I also ate fat fries. This is an exciting work day.


How are your teachers? Are they foul demons? Mine are actually tolerable. Sleeping Beauty is a beautiful movie, but is it any good? I wouldn't know. I haven't watched it yet.


I wanted to write something, but I forgot what it was, because I am human. Oops. I am a trifle rifle. Oh yes, the internet provider is garbage. Pure garbage.


Loss. O₩O

I do not like inconsistensies. Doesn't matter whether it'd be art mistakes or continuity errors in shows. It triggers me so hard, you'd think I'm a pistol? Does that sound right?

I had a math examination~ It wasn't difficult, but not easy either. It was probably mostly the former. Maybe. You'd think I'd have more to say, but no.

Can you dodge a pistol's boolet, I wonder...


Bambi is overrated. We do nothing in lessons. Next week is an exciting week: I will become a work slave. And the best part is, I can decide when I start working~

Do people have such a luxury? It seems most of the time they just work eight hours a day. That seems torturous. Well, maybe it depends on the circumstances. You might have fun working for eight hours if you get to water plants, or do absolutely nothing, like my brother. No, he's not skipping - It's part of his empty job.

This is the ultimate diary entry. You found out so much, but will you remember it two hours later?




Went to the dental doctor. They were impressed by my torture-device durability. Actually, it's not that bad. I unfortunately didn't get to work on my RPG Maker game I was telling you about. It's on the 2nd chapter. The 1st is hot garbage. More on that eventually. Oh, and I like dark chocolate. It seems elegant, and it is quite good. No offense to bright choc lovers. On a side note, I like ice cream. My favorite is woodruff ice cream. No context.


I got a new haircut, but I do not like it. I also ate KFC. KFC is a rarity for me. Meanwhile, you get to eat it everyday after class. On the other hand, my food is of higher quality (probably), so there you go. For me, this is a lot of things that happened in one day. Deal with it. I have no shades to put on and look cool. Dangit.

Breaking news, I'm pretty sure I got blocked, and I'm kind of but not really the big sad. I wonder how many people block me because they got tired of 404 smug. Maybe I need to stop being big brother. It's uncomfortable. That's probably not even the reason. Whatever I think is, isn't, and whatever I think isn't, is. I try to use this to my advantage. Basically, don't kill animals with aerosol.


Online meeting. Nothing happened. 2hu happened. The final boss is gay. With zippers. Tomorrow is a rich day, and I mean that literally. Today was not. I am struggling with thinking of ways to pad out this entry. I shouldn't imitate Snow White... Have a nice day.


You know these End Results screens at the end of RPGs and other games? Often, they show you a rank, that basically tells you what the game thinks of you. What if the game called you, a human failure? Shmups are for hardcore elitists, like me.

Better yet, what if the game crucified the protagonist as punishment for you playing badly? Or drowning in alcohol? This all seems weirdly specific...


Well, I guess nothing happened? Yes, nothing happened. Kind of disappointing. I wish I could create content for you to consume. But, what? RPG Maker? No, you're not gonna play it through, anyways. Ace Attorney? Maybe. Hey, maybe I should work on my Snow White article. Or I just go back to playing games. Do you love MIDI? I love MIDI. But I don't know how to make a MIDI, so there you go. Happy May.