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March 2021 - Diary


I watched a Disney movie yesterday. No, not that one. A different one. I also played The Sims 3, so that was automatically the best day ever.

I ate a honey melon today. That's what you call them, right? It tasted like pears. Do you eat pears? No, of course not. You eat apples.

Do you feel satisfaction when you buy three Disney movies at once? It was like I was in Raleigh. What a strange comparison. Maryland is good, too...

Let us end this month by dancing. I am a professional dabber. Saw that comin', didn't you? See you next month.


Booooooooring. Nothing happened today. I was gonna watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (yes, really) today for review purposes, but due to somewhat unfortunate (but not serious) circumstances, I could not. The animation is superb. Sometimes.

Is that it? That is, indeed, it. Pew, pew. Whoooosh.


The quotes are pure gold. Did you think I make them myself? Even if I tried, I would't be able to make up such garbage. No, they're all from games. Some were Google Translated, unfortunately, but it's always nice to see Google fail miserably. Very.

I watched a Disney movie yesterday!! It was mediocre. People died in it! Not that I'm bothered by that. No, I'm not talking about Bambi. That scene may be emotional, but I think it is somewhat unnecessary.

Starting as of today, I will start updating at night more often.

I do not have a single favorite quote, but my favorites are not seen on this site. A few of them are about husbands and swear words(!). Mhm. Yeah.

Sayomayonara~ Have a nice easter.


Lessons? What lessons? We had math and geography, the former being an absolute joke as usual. The terms we have to solve at the moment are just sad. Maybe it'll get harder eventually. Or people just suck at math. Probably both.

Now that bragging mode is deactivated, I regret to inform you I ate 18 pizzas yesterday. Well, I only ate 15 out of 18... But it's still something, I think...

The legendary sentence... That's about it. Yes, have a nice day raging at a game.


I watched Ratatouille again today. Liked it. I never realized how much I love talking animals. Maybe I should watch The Lion King sometime. No, I never watched it. Blasphemous, I know.

Unfortunately, that's about it for today. I loved it, though. Would watch again. Probably not everyday, though.


First, we discussed human rights. Nothing happened. To think that delicious food is a luxury...

Then, we discussed art. I drew cursed things. Very cursed. I don't have the drawings right now, but they're terrifying, I tell you. You'd have nightmares for days.

What do you see at Prime Time? Disney movies? I like them (well, some), but I haven't watched most of them. That's it for today, I think. Bye~


Barely anything happened today!! You'd think I could write about lots of things thanks to me having lessons, but nope.

I almost laughed at math today. Understandably. Do you still know when the storming of the Bastille took place? You see, I can remember things. Unbelievable, I know (This is an insult). But, Google is your best friend, always. Or Yahoo! Or DuckDuckGo. Or Netscape, if people still use that. Actually, some do. Internet Explorer is still evil.

Decease it This is it. The end. Bye.


I had lessons. They were easy.

Math is laughably easy. It's actually kind of pathetic, really. OK, maybe it's not that easy, but when you understand how it works, you can't help but laugh at the math problems. No, I will not show you my math skills. Deal with it~

Today was cold. I love the cold. Summer always gives me migraines. Maybe I should drink water. I also love rain. Skaters hate rain. No, I don't skate.

Hard games frustate you, but it is satisfying to beat them. Unless you cheated. Then you feel guilty. Unless the game is unnecessarily unfair. Then it's OK, because the game must be punished by being cheated on. Did that make sense? I hope so.


I will have lessons starting from tomorrow, so that probably means I won't be updating this site as often. Probably. There is no guarantee, though. This may be good, because then I'll finally have something to write in these entries. Until now, I was just talking about garbage. Now, I will be talking about garbage. What's the difference? One's worse.

Haha, I'm just pulling your leg. I'm OK with lessons. See you whenever, whenever that may be... Which is why I said whenever. Bye.


I have been practicing faces and emotions. I don't want dead people, I want actual emotions!

I really wish I could write more in each entry, but those are the consequences of living an uneventful, happy life. Personally, I'm fine with it.


I was gonna do something productive today, but I guess not. That is all. (OoO;)


Small reminder that I have a Twitter account now. There are people who'd be depressed if they lived such a boring life as I do. And yet, I am perfectly satisfied. Maybe because I can draw. Somewhat. It might also have something to do with the quotes. Probably.


I need social media accounts. No Snapchat, though. That is not my thing.

The Sims 3 is better than The Sims 4. The Sims 3 had an open world, and there wasn't a loading screen whenever you entered a different house. I wonder, can you go to the supermarket in The Sims 4 base game? I sure haven't found a way yet. There's a library, though.

I love scalies. My ultimate goal in life is to be friends with some. Sounds weird? Yes, but this is what happens after subjecting myself to Twitter and inspirational quotes. It is only natural.

I ate burgers today. Baibai.


The sketch is taking so long~ I'm too busy doing... You probably know already.

I downloaded The Sims 4. I'm sure it'll be a disaster.

I think I have a few semi-rare games in my collection... And a Wii U, which I got back in 2015 for 500 bucks... Now the only thing it's good for is Virtual Console and exclusives. Nintendo is doing their best to forget the Wii U ever happened by porting the console exclusives to the Switch and adding additional content. Kind of a shame, really. You can play Wii games with HDMI!

I think I'll polish Turnabout Abuse tomorrow. The whole loss scene seems sudden. That's it for today. I never actually told you about my rare games, did I? Well, too bad. Bye~


Ace Attorney: Hotel Mystery is ready!

I suddenly have the urge to play The Sims 3 again. I heard The Sims 4 is not that good, so I am somewat reluctant to play it.

That's about it. For now, atleast.


Why do they hate God so much? Why do they want to eat God!? Wait, they already swallowed God? Huh. This is kind of disturbing. I didn't expect vore, really. Especially not plot-relevant vore.

I'm sorry if that offends you. To end on a lighter note, I wanna try drawing faces sometime.


Games can be so fun, but when hard difficulties frustrate you, it can penetrate through your love. An option would be to lower the difficulty, but, I mean, I'm playing on Normal Mode... I'm not going to give in to Easy Mode just yet!!! And don't even get me started on harder difficulties...

I like visual novels. I also like stupid crossovers. What if we combine both? The plot twists will be a plenty, and I'm sure they'll all be predictable. If only I knew how to program... Or I could use a video editing program. Is that actually possible? Maybe.

I like to watch Let's Plays on YouTube. You basically watch people suffer through your favorite game. I like Chronos. You don't know him, obviously. Is this advertising? Probably.

Old school Yu-Gi-Oh! is so fascinating, especially the OCG (japanese equivalent to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG). Did you know there was actually a point in time where summoning Dark Magician without any monsters on the field was actually legal? What an amazing time to be alive! Unfortunately this was very shortlived.

Nothing special happened today. I keep punching loneliness in the guts. It's very extraordinary, I tell you.

Today was a long post, to make up for the lack of yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it! Mayonara~


The first entry of March! I am sorry for the lack of updates. I was too busy laughing at unfunny dialogue.