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June 2021 - Diary


Have you ever wondered to yourself what woodruff ice cream tastes like?

The ROBLOX community is dramaland. Furries, beware of empty threats. But hey, you can play UNO on it, with stacking!!

EDIT: For some reason, this entry is on I wonder who runs that?


After three years of failing to do Zangief's Spinning Piledriver, my Joycon has finally catched the Drift Disease. Injecting the Joycon with beer fixed it a little bit, but new victims are probably in order.

I watched the puppy skinner movie. Fat.


What if you had 6 PE lessons? But, we play dodgeball the entire time. This is my future prediction. By the way, I think I have friends. They all suck at Mario, though. Maybe simply resetting checkpoints as a result of a game over isn't that bad of an idea? No, I think they're just filthy casuals. Math is easy. Except for maybe algebra, but our math teacher hates it aswell, so it's OK.

Oh, I should work on that Snow White review I haven't worked on recently.


Lizards are kewl.


First, we had housekeeping class. We made fruit salad with pudding. I don't like fruit salad. If I wanna eat fruits, I eat fruits. Also, pudding is cool. Next, we had two math classes. I laughed. As usual. Finally, we had art class, but not really. I gave the entire class Lasertag vouchers for 100% off. End.



Did you know that "a FAQ" is grammatically incorrect? This is because F is pronounced "Eff". English sucks. Everyone hates it! That's why everybody uses semicolons instead of periods on Twitter. Either that, or they're- Let's not insult their sight, okay?


Nothing, nothing, nothing. Some may say "work, work, work," but I am (un)fortunately not suffering. I have cats.



Pink-haired girls are not to be trusted. This is a fact.

So, sassy = 10/10. Lizards also equal 10/10. What if you combine them? No, I think we should let female Dio get all the sass.

I hear ambulances. I blame rain for this.


Maybe I should call this a journal. This is a lackluster opening entry. I agree. With myself.