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July 2021 - Diary


To work, means pain. To fail university twice, means depression. To not find a job, is frustrating.
I wish you good luck and a happy life. Is this a confession about my true life? No.

Also, I'm pretty sure I am in school.

Drawing is fun. I used to wonder why people doodle at school, but now I know that that's just because you hate algebra.


This whole day I researched fan comic legality. Why? Because I am a scaredy cat. Neocities says it uses fair use. Does this not apply when you live in countries that don't have fair use, or does it always apply?

I could also, you know, make my own web comic. Without Woopers.


La surface de tous les pomme est sale. I'm learning French, so no criticism will be accepted. I am a stubborn baka. Bye.

EDIT 30/07/2021: pommes, not pomme... tous les means "all the".


Draw. Tie. Composing is difficult. Sometimes I think of masterpieces via improvisation, but I don't write them down, because I am in bed. Nice.

Draw decent art, and you get a billion views. But, what kind of nice person cares about views? Everyone does, secretly. This is what a villain would say... But, one shouldn't brag about them. Do what you want/enjoy. Thank.


Is your patellar reflex working correctly? What is a square root? Do you enjoy dragons? When did the Dutch smuggle a large amount of butter? August 1st, 1963, also called the Night of the Butter. Why can't I remember the date for the french revolution? Well, butter smuggling sounds pretty hardcore. Why, Ludwig, why?




Is writing fanfiction bad? Some say it can disrespect the source material. Well, this probably applies to smut.

They also have garnered a reputation for being Bambi. I don't actually read fanfictions, so I can't say anything to this. Why am I talking about fanfictions, then?

Some people write Ace Attorney fanfics because they cannot accept the fact that Turnabout Big Top exists. I just want comedy. But...

I can guarantee you, all of my old fanfics/games are low quality. If nothing else, atleast the grammar can somewhat satisfy you... But it probably can't because of punctuation errors.


It seems sidebars are loved by many. Understandable, really.



Rumors are scary. They can kill people. Indirectly. I wish I could assure you I do not abuse children, but all I can say is I do not want to have children in the first place. And I'm asexual, so chances of a child are slightly less likely. Here is to hope all will go well, for you, and for me.

But, what about the Jungle Book? Well, what about it? I haven't watched it. Too bad.