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January 2022 - Diary


Let's do research on spiders.
Scorpions don't have mammary glands.
Because they're not mammals, you see.


Oooh, so that's why the plugin is called "Delay Lama"...
Delay Lama = Dalai Lama (buddhism)
This is important information.


If others can draw so decently, so can I someday!!
Some people I've seen/know have the problem of losing motivation when seeing other people's art. "I'll never be as good as them." You may not notice... but you get better with every piece... You just have to go through with it.
Sometimes I wonder if the advice I give is ignorant. Giving advice is an art to master aswell.


Fortnite skins. What about them?
Good question. Go rate them or something.


How do YOU get your ice cream?


The day Ace Attorney on ROBLOX gets updated is the day Half-Life 3 releases.
EDIT: Also, people want the Cowboy Bepop live action show to continue. Not sure if I expected that.


How many reruns of "Plankton's Army" have I seen on TV? It seems to haunt me.


Purple does not exist!! Our eyes make it up!!