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Skaters hate rain. I laugh at their suffering! Except when they cry. Then I cry, too. About MUGEN Roblox scalie rant garbage Weirdo!!! Projects Exactly

Pain: The Site You Don't Wanna Know About


August 2021 - Diary

08/31/2021 (again)


What if, you had no homework, no assignments to do, because everyone had been given the opportunity to do them in class?


I am not logging into my account to view more questions on Quora. No. I won't. 0/10. Deal with it. How about I copy paste the URL of the question, instead?



I have so much free time on my hands, I feel bad for those who don't.
To speak too soon is lethal, however. I always try to assume the worst will happen. It's like a ritual or something. Some say "Think about something bad too much, and it will happen." But...

Oh, this sounds like I'm a member of the occult.


I have 4 cats.