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April 2022 - Diary


Today I noticed that I write odd things sometimes!!


The youngest mother ever (5 years old) gave birth to a child because she was in precocious puberty.
The mother's father was arrested in suspicion of incest but was let free due to lack of evidence.
The mother's son died at 40 due to bone marrow infection. His bones died.
What is the point of this diary entry?


Diary entires these days are always so short! So pointless!
Well, yesterday was a decent day. I wonder, do you eat the crust on your pizza? I know some don't. They're in a better place now.

...I'm writing that down.

Off topic, I don't like adding links to pages that haven't been made yet. Waiting is a torture, so I find it better people don't know that something's under construction...
And yes, I do sometimes work on the blog articles. I hope some year they will be finished.
Let's not make fun of ourselves now, okay?


Yes, I do still exist.
Progress is always miniscule. But there is progress.
Why don't I write this im dab.html instead?


No April Fools entry. Ha!