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April 2021 - Diary


Today is the last day. Of the month, that is. I bought RPG Maker 2000. Finally, my MIDI files are put to good use!!! I am about to get fat. 2 Big Macs. They are at a sensational prize. Maybe I shouldn't support shady companies...


RPG Maker. You can make bad games with it. My game is bad. No, you can't beat it in 5 minutes. This is only halfway shameless avertising, because I'm not planning on releasing it. Yet. Also, it's not in English. That means there is no reason for you to care about it.

Oh, I have no idea what I'm doing~


Well, I drew a skirt. And I ate generic young-adult-male food. I use my own stereotypes. Well, females probably like pizza, too. I am sorry if I offended you in any way.


So I updated the site a little bit and got a brand new low effort """""logo.""""" This means that I am satisfied with myself. Now, back to playing with RPG Maker...


Disney racism is cringe, I tell you. Absolute cringe. The Siamese Cats have one single musical number, and then they are never seen again for the rest of the movie. Unless I'm blind, which I don't deny.

I wish I had something else to say, but I don't. Yesterday was a wonderful day. I ate 2 Big Macs!!! I am not fat, thank you very much. See you later, Alligator.


3Math Lesson=3+6Pain

Some people cry about having three math lessons. Some cry about sports. I cry about... ??? Also, 101 Dalmatians, babyyyyyyyy. Is that something to brag about? There are so many other things I could brag about instead. Like beating a Mega Man game. Did you ever beat one? I will not be surprised if you did. I have nothing to say anymore.


Do you sometimes look at someone's art piece and think, "There are so many elementary mistakes it's barely funny," but don't say it out loud, because you don't want to hurt their feelings? College students are sensitive, I tell you. They are stressed enough as is.

And besides, I'm not a professional. Not even an amateur. I am... me! And that gives me the right to critique. Your art sucks.


Once you understand math, it is as easy as Easy Mode. The problem is understanding it. For most people, anyways.

Is this it? This is it.


So, I do homework now. Amazing! But, but but but, it's a joke. A very, very sad joke. Like math. Math needs to stop holding back. Or, atleast, do something. Anything.

Doesn't it just feel great when you are able to beat a level people find really hard four times in a row? It makes you wanna brag, and be a jerk to everybody. But then everybody will block you, so be careful. Jerks get in internet jail. The levels should, too, if that were possible. Do you know how many people suffered through them? They punched their belongings! This is a crime against gamers, and I do not stand for it. I'd rather not be president, though. I'd just be greedy. Probably. Also, the levels are harder than math, I swear. I swear to the Queen. No, not that Queen, the other Queen.

So, I watched Peter Pan yesterday. It had racism in it. And a couple underdeveloped characters. Tinkerbell is not just a jerk, she's a jealous a-hole.

Most of the songs were unmemorable, bar the signature one. I liked the colors. The end. Good 'ay. 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy...


My ultimate goal in life is to be friends with scalies. Either that, or be so good at games that I can laugh at Dark Souls.

I draw faces now. Amazing!


I spent my day playing The Sims 3. Mhmm. Yeah. Someone died. Actually, multiple. No details. They lived a long life.

I have nothing else to say. Good day.


Well, today was a boring day. I didn't watch Peter Pan! You know, the racist movie. Disney was hardcore back in the day. Should they go back to being hardcore? No.

People die when they are killed, but what if that weren't the case? Bye.


So, I got the disney movies on Saturnday. Cinderella is one of those sacred legends. Nothing else to say, really. I have so much free time, I could spend it watching that, over and over and over again... Better than seeing Bambi once every month. I'm not a fan of that one.

I don't know what else to write. Do you have a husband? He's hibernating.


April Feels. I don't have any reel jokes, frankfully. The probably overrated Disney movies should come on Saturnday. That was inntentional. I'll just leafy this here. Happy New Month.