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Page Sketches: October 16th - 17th


Basically, I thought of a plan. As you may know, waiting a whole month for a single page is painful. Both for you, and me.
And, I have seen a web comic that also takes one page per month. Because procrastination.
So, I pondered, what if, I made you suffer?

So basically, this is how it goes. I will draw all pages of a chapter. But, they will not be the final product. Essentially, they'll look like the above. Slightly better than above, maybe.
Then, once the pages are drawn, I will over time finalise the pages, so they look better than, uh, above.
The reason for doing this is basically, I am more excited to write the story than to draw it, most of the time. I say most, beause there are some scenes I look forward to drawing.
EDIT 11/21/2021: Also, later sketches I'll try to make with more effort than these ones. Did I repeat myself, or...?