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Obligatory "About" Section For La Comic

This is a comic about number one victory royales.
It started on August 2nd, 2021. Now we have 18 pages available!!

This is an unofficial derivative work of la Touhou Project. Dang, really? All characters belong to their respective owner(s).

Is this a passion project?

No, it's just. A thing.

What is this?

It's a comic about children's card games. And, like, there is a tournament? It's like a Fortnite battle royale with elitists.


At one point, yes. Not anymore.


My fingers.


Yeah, why?


No self-inserts. OCs? They'd probably be human only. Destined to suck.

Why not Magic: The Gathering?

Magic is more western. Funny, really.

Why is your art so bad?

I suck.