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My Precious Belongings

Here, you can view some of my most prized possessions. Some are expensive. Others are dumb. But most importantly: I brag about them.
No products shown here are for sale. If I ever make the unfortunate decision to buy Windows Vista, then I'll unfortunately not sell it, meaning you will have to pay $500 for it online.

Right off the bat, here is a rhythm game starring our favorite underage pop idol. It cost 30 something; a sensational prize.
Do you own a PSP? Press × to doubt.

Back of the unreasonably gigantic PSP cover. As you can see, this game has SFW lesbians, automatically making it a 10/10.

The game came with a manual. The manual actually has things inside. This truly is in a brand new condition. On the left is an advertisement for K-ON! Ho-kago Live!, on the right an ad for the first Project DIVA game. Because this one is a sequel. Hence "2nd." Do you know what 2 is? Only halfway, I do.
I am impressed by the manual, because I ordered it online... I didn't think I'd receive a brand new copy, with ads...What an experience. And an insult? I hope not.

Finally, here is the game in action. Title screen. Not much to say, other than: "Me want." Yes, this was developed by SEGA.

I feel like there were other things I wanted to show, but I don't remember which ones...